YouTuber Slammed For Sticking Wax Strip To Wife’s Eyebrows!

YouTuber Niko Can filmed himself sticking a wax strip to his wife’s eyebrows which has left people shocked!

He explains that the wax strips are revenge for a previous joke, where the prankster couple filmed Cristal waxing Niko’s leg. As he prepares the wax strip he says:

“It’s time to walk around with an eyebrowless wife, she actually might divorce me.”

He puts the wax strip over her eyebrows, also covering her actual eyes, before Cristal then wakes up.

As soon as she realises whats he’s done, she starts crying asking him:

“Are you stupid, why would you do that?”

Finding it hilarious, Niko says:

“I love you babe and I will love you eyebrowless,” and continues to say “With no eyebrows no other man will try to get you, I will be the only man you love.”

Niko then reveals the true extent of his prankster nature, and tells her he has only attached the strip with double sided tape, before swearing on their daughter’s life that they will not take her eyebrows/eyelashes off.

Many people have commented on the harshness of targeting a woman’s eyebrows.

One YouTube user said:

“Yes this prank was awesome, I understood her reaction and it was lucky for you it’s just a prank otherwise you been a dead man haha.”

One person who was not happy with that had happened, posted:

“Sorry I don’t condone violence, but man do you deserve it. I swear I stopped breathing up until you said it’s double sided tape!

“I’ve been waiting for this video all day. It was the best one so far I think. My heart is still pounding. You’re lucky the wax didn’t seep under the tape on to the eyebrows. Nicely done Niko and sorry Cristal. Just don’t take anymore naps!”

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