You Can Now Stay Cool With Freezable Boxers

Well.. we know you’ve got access to buying cooling bras, so no reason for the guys to be left out is their?

You can now stay chilled in all areas thanks to these freezable boxers.

These are called ‘Snowballs’. The ideal ‘cooling underwear’ for men.

In the product you get some freezable wedges that slip into a pair of boxer shorts and it allows you to stay cool and collected.

These don’t just work for the heat, they also encourage male fertility, to ease pain, or to help if you’ve just had a vasectomy.

So you can actually say to people they have health benefits.. making them a little less odd.

The company states:

“Since the mid-Sixties, scientists have been aware that scrotal cooling can improve male fertility, but no controlled tests were done until the mid-Eighties, when the advantages of cooling were first clinically shown.

“Now, with an increasing number of studies confirming its effectiveness, some of the world’s best fertility specialists are beginning to prescribe icing. And doesn’t it just make good sense to directly treat the part of the body with the problem?”

You can get your hands on these for $59 (£47) and it includes two pairs of boxers and three rechargeable wedges. Extra wedges are only $4.99 (£3.99).

You can always stick your pants in the freezer for a while to save some money, but we doubt it will be as effective.

I’m sure if you’re experiencing a heatwave right now, you’ll try whatever you can to cool yourself… or areas.

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