You Can Now Buy Reusable Ice Slippers On Amazon

Summer is an amazing time of the year, you can sit in the garden and have a cold beer and your mood is usually amazing. There are however some downsides to summer, like hot feet.

Fear not as you can get yourself these fancy new ice slippers to soothe those boiling toes, and they are available on Amazon.

All you have to do is put the ‘premium reusable cold slippers’ in the freezer to ensure your feet get a lovely ice cold soothing when they are on.

The cool shoes are designed with ‘contour-gel technology’ so they stay flexible and mould to your feet, so you don’t need to worry about falling over on blocks of ice.

You’re in for a treat as well as these will only set you back £12.08 ($15.07). That’s pretty good for something you can use again and again!

The description states:

“Tired feet after a long day? The patent pending, Rapid Relief Premium Reusable Cold Slippers deliver cold therapy to reduce swelling and relieve foot pain and discomfort.”

“Our Contour-Gel technology allows the compress to mould to the foot, yet remain flexible even when frozen. Manufactured with premium fabric, our reusable cold slippers are easy to use, and designed to provide total coverage to the sole and top of the foot.”

People have been quick to review the shoes, writing:

“My feet get hot at night, to the point where I often can’t get to sleep. These provide instant soothing relief.”

Another wrote:

“This was a gift to a friend who was having a gout issue. She said when she put them on ‘the angels sang’. She loves them.”

Another added:

“These slippers are amazing… at the end of a day after a good workout my feet get into these slippers for an amazing, refreshing rejuvenation! I put them in freezer when I take them off so they can be ready for next day.”

Maybe we could put multiple clothing items in the freezer? Could be a new trend.

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