You Can Now Buy A Mini Beer Keg For Your Kitchen

Going to the pub is one of the favorite things we love to do.. wether it’s sunny, raining, cold, the pub is our friend.

Well.. you can bring the pub to your how as you can now get beer on-tap and people are so excited!

Now you can enjoy a beer in the comfort of your home without the smell, noise and busyness of a pub.

Imagine all the parties and bbq’s you could host? Your friends and family would absolutely love this!

The company that sells this amazing invention is called Krups.

The little keg holds a huge two liters of beer (or four pints) which is a great amount to not have to get up from your sofa in an evening. Oh and it chills to 2°C (or 35.6°F… NICE!

The tap fits kegs filled with Heineken, Birra Moretti, Tiger and more will soon be available.

You’ll have to drink a keg within 15 days before it goes bad, but we’re sure if you buy this, you’ll have no big issues with that.. it’s for enjoying!

You can buy it for £79 ($98) on Amazon and comes in black, red, and grey.

It’s so easy to use… to start you pop your beer barrels in the fridge before you’re ready to drink.. load them in when they’re ready and wait for the green light and pour away.

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