Woman’s Foot Blister Explodes All Over Passengers During Flight

Flights can be the most easy going journey or the journey from hell.. if it’s not screaming kids or inconvenient people placing their feet on the arm rest’s.. it might as well be someone’s FOOT blister exploding and spraying over you.

Yep. That happened recently.

A radio host recently documented the moment a woman’s foot blister burst on board a packed flight… the blood from the blister splattered all over other passengers and their items. EW!

Andy Slater posted many photos and videos showing the aftermath of the popped blister to Twitter and the pictures are truly… yuck.

The radio host was travelling on an American Airlines flight to Miami when the exploding blister let loose, which meant resulting emergency services having to meet the plane to speak to those involved and covered in the blood and puss.

Somehow, the blood from the burst blister splattered across the aisle and landed on the two men sitting in front of him. He shared it all on twitter.

The blood also travelled and landed on the plane’s windows and all over one of the men’s books… it also covered the armrests of the chairs they were sitting on.

One photo shared the woman wearing flip flops and then being bare foot.

There is also a blanket in the shot was being used to wrap the woman’s feet in and he confirmed that the male passenger continued to read his book after the blood hit it. He wasn’t to phased.

A flight attendant told the woman and the other two passengers that they had to speak to paramedics from the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department due to health and safety reasons.

The flight attendant confirmed he would have to file a report about the incident.

What would you do in this situation?

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