Woman With Four Boyfriends Falls Pregnant And All Of Them Will Raise The Child

As society continues to progress, open relationships have become a more common thing among couples. I mean, I get it, it does add a bit of fresh air to what could have possibly turned out to be a boring relationship, and who wants that, right?

But one woman has taken things to a whole new level. She is in a relationship with four men. And seven months ago she found out that she was pregnant and wants all four men to help raise the baby together.

Credit: Facebook / Tory Ojeda

Tory Ojeda is a resident of Jacksonville, Florida and is the only person in the entire state to be in a relationship with four men. She currently lives with three of them. Yikes.

She met Marc, who is 18, in high school and then got into a relationship with Travis, 23, just two months later. Tory also got together with her long-term friends Ethan, 22, and Christoper, also 22. 

Now they have decided to take their polyamorous relationship to a whole other level.

Credit: Facebook / Tory Ojeda

Seven months ago, she and Chris found out that they were going to have a baby girl. Even though Chris is the biological father (because of the date that the baby was conceived), the five of them planning on raising the baby together.

“We’re all very excited to be raising a baby together,” Chris commented.

Credit: Facebook / Tory Ojeda

However, Tory mentioned that her parents were quiet about the situation because they didn’t approve of her lifestyle. However, the five of them are very happy together and that’s all that matters really.

Hopefully, the baby grows up in a loving home.

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