Woman Owns Guy Who Thinks He Knows Where The Clitoris Is

A young woman has left gazillions of men totally baffled by sharing a textbook diagram of a woman’s vagina and asking men to tell her where the clitoris is.

Well, maybe not gazillions of men but a fair few.

While for some, it’s the easiest question in the world, a lot of blokes answered her question with bucket loads of confidence only to find themselves red faced and humiliated when the answer was revealed.

Twitter user, @lesfemmefataIe, blacked out the names for each part of the vulva before asking her male followers to answer, which they did.

She wrote:

Since men know everything, where’s the clit?

One response in particular said: ‘It’s at the top, the third line to the right give me my money’.

She responded by writing: ‘I rest my case’.

To be fair to the guy, he laughed at himself and admitted he should’ve listened more in health class.

But at least you know now!

However, this isn’t just a common pop culture stereotype, many studies have revealed that lots of men, particularly those under the age of 35, have a ‘notably high’ level of misunderstanding the female anatomy.

Well then!

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