Woman Gives Birth To Twins From Two Different Dads, Her Husband And Lover

Cheating is something that can land you in a sticky situation and this is a prime example of that.

In a very rare and unbelievable situation, one new mum has given birth to twins, who both have different dads.

One woman who lives in Xiamen City, China slept with another man a week after it is believed that she conceived with her husband.

Image by JuliaFielder from Pixabay

This is a case of hetropaternal superfecundation, where a woman gives birth to twins with different biological dads.

It can happen when a woman releases two eggs a few days apart but still in the same reproductive cycle.

The woman and her husband did not know until after she gave birth when he noticed that something wasn’t quite right.

After the babies were born her husband spotted that the babies had different eyes, nose, and mouths.

Image by redgular from Pixabay

When the couple went to register the children, proof had to proved that they were their children. And thus they had to do a paternity test.

According to a Chinese newspaper, when the unbelievable results came back it found that her husband had no biological ties to one of the babies.

And at this point, the mum had no choice but to admit to her one-night stand.

Image by redgular from Pixabay

The newspaper claims that the women’s husband has refused to bring up the child that is not his.

According to the Mirror, the woman’s husband now has to pay child support, at around £18 per week, for one of the children after a court ruling.

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