Woman Blasts Breast Milk Into Crowd ‘Like a Super Soaker’ During Rave

Here’s something you probably didn’t expect to see today: a video of a woman spraying breast milk at fellow festival-goers during a rave.

Yup, this clip, filmed by a guy called Eric Falconi, shows a young woman dancing around in a type of black one-piece loving life.

Before long, she decides to whip out a boob and start spraying milk all over the shop like a water gun.

A witness in the background says, “Oh sh**! Jesus Christ.” It’s a fitting reaction to something we’re not used to seeing every day.

The moment was captured at the EDM Dirtybird Campout in Southern California and has since, obviously, gone viral, with many people chiming in with their opinions.

One user said: “I saw this last month – it caught my eye, coz when I was breast feeding Alfie & Isla, there were times I could have done that, but, and a BIG BUT, I dont know how she is doing that?? I mean, I know women can lose a shit load of baby weight quickly, but hormonally, im gonna say this isnt possible?!!”

Another argued: ” Sorry, but why in the hell is she a mom? I sure hope that maybe shes been a surrogate or something causing her body to even produce breast milk and actually does not have the responsibility of raising a child herself! This is absolutely one of many reasons why the world has gone mad!!”

A third joked: ” Hope she doesn’t do this on a dairy, what’s the point?”

I suppose so long as she isn’t harming anyone – she seems to be doing the exact opposite really – then what’s the fuss all about? If you’re gonna crucify one thing, make it EDM.

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