Video Of Boy With Down’s Syndrome Comforting Classmate With Autism Goes Viral

Heartwarming footage from an elementary school in Mexico has gone viral this week after it shows a young boy with Down’s Syndrome comforting his autistic classmate.

The footage, which was posted to Facebook and has since had over 19 million views, has warmed the hearts of people all over the world and demonstrates the beauty and purity of the friendship between two vulnerable children.


The video, which was filmed by one of the school’s teachers, shows the young autistic boy sat, quite visibly uncomfortable and distressed, with tears pouring down his face.

Another young child is seen hovering nearby, seemingly unsure at how to comfort his friend. He first waves his hand in front of the distressed child’s face, then goes on to wipe away his tears.


The caring child then leans in to embrace his friend who continues to cry but doesn’t move away or protest in any way, which is quite unusual for someone on the autistic spectrum.


And, just when you think this child’s act of kindness couldn’t be more adorable, he takes his friend’s arms and dances them around, in a last-ditch attempt at cheering him up.

Remarkably, though he refuses to look at his friend, the autistic child allows his arms to be moved around and sits calmly and quietly throughout the full thing.

You can watch the footage here for yourself.

The identity of the two children, or the exact location of the school, is yet to be confirmed. But their friendship has inspired thousands of adults to follow by example and show a little more kindness and empathy themselves.

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