Vanessa Bryant Reveals Tattoo Tributes To Kobe And Gigi

Vanessa Bryant has unveiled two incredible tattoo tributes to her husband, Kobe, and her daughter, Gigi.

Vanessa saw tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado back in February for the beautiful tattoos – but only now has she posted videos to Instagram.

As I’m sure you remember, Kobe and Gigi both died tragically in a helicopter crash back in January of this year.

On that day, the Bryant family were completely destroyed. They had lost their husband and father, their daughter and sister, all as a result of a tragic accident.

Vanessa stayed remarkably strong since their untimely deaths – posting regular updates to social media to celebrate the lives of her husband and daughter.

And it seems the tattoo tributes are just another way of honoring and remembering her husband and daughter.

Posting to Instagram, the tattoo artist wrote:

Truly honored to give you something to keep with you my friend.

The tattoo for Gigi is on her wrist, though it is unclear exactly what the message says.

And she got a tattoo dedicated to Kobe on her neck.

However, Vanessa did not reveal specific details about the two tattoos — meaning, we don’t know what the messages actually say.

It’s obvious that they’re incredibly meaningful to her though!

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