Transgender Woman Silences Creep Who Sent Her Penis Pic With One Of Her Own

If there’s one thing that most of us share in life, it’s that nobody likes an unsolicited picture of another person’s genitals. Nobody. Well, maybe apart from the people that send them. Which, if one of you is reading this, stop sending photos of your genitals. It’s gross, okay?

And, if you are unfortunate enough to receive one of these ghastly photos, you might want to send a picture back of your own genitals, because this is exactly what one fed-up woman did, and she got the best response.


The woman, who is transgender, quickly went viral when she expertly shut down a man who decided to send her an unsolicited picture of his penis… By sending one of her own penis directly back to him.

Faye Kinley, twenty, received the message completely out of the blue after the uninvited messenger found her phone number on Facebook. And, of course, she was repulsed.


Faye, a student in Glasgow, Scotland, was born biologically male, but now lives and identifies as a woman.

And the pervert who sent her the unsolicited photo must have missed Faye’s proud description on social media, in which she says, “Yes, I have a d*ck”.
Because he sent her a text completely out of the blue, accompanied by a photo of his penis, which read, “Hey girl you are so sexy”.

I mean, what did this guy want even her to do with that?!

Anyway, Faye instantly replied with a photo of her own penis, to which she got an incredibly hypocritical reply of, “What the hell? Why would you send me that? I’m blocking your number now. Delete this conversation. Bye.”

As seen below, Faye didn’t hold back in proudly displaying her own genitals, which was made even better with her long pink hair in the shot.

Not finished there, Faye then decided to embarrass the pervert further by posting the entire conversation on social media, but with added emoji censors so as to not quite literally start posting penis pics all over the internet.

Speaking to UNILAD about the incident, Faye explained how this isn’t her first unsolicited pic,

“I’ve received a fair few unsolicited pictures in the past but for some reason, it just occurred to me how funny it would be if I did exactly the same thing. His response was exactly as I expected it would be. My number got blocked immediately and I still have no clue who this guy is!”

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