This Under-Desk Hammock Lets You Take A Nap At Work

I think it’s safe to say that we have ALL been close to falling asleep at work. We get up early, commute, work.. you know.. it’s tiring.

Even the five cups of coffee BARELY help and sometimes falling asleep at your desk feels like the only option.

Don’t you worry, as now you can have your own handy desk hammock. How else are you going to catch some zzz’s on your lunch break? This makes it SO easy for you!

Created by Uplift Desk, the Under Desk Hammock was designed with the brand’s desks in mind.

You could definitely use this hammock under any desk… probably anywhere! All you have to do is clip the carabiners in and close your eyes.

Installing the carabiners means you will need to use a hex wrench to install the anchor plates that come with with the brand’s UPLIFT V2 frame.

Oh, and good news as it can hold a maximum weight of 200lbs, but when used as a normal hammock, it can hold up to 400lbs. Nice!

Check out their tutorial video:

The hammock is best used with an Uplift Desk because its height can be adjusted electronically, so you can chill in the air without hitting the floor.

The amazing hammock comes in grey and blue and it’s the perfect way to cut down on your coffee consumption.

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