This Dad Is On A Huge Mission To Install Thousands Of Baby Changing Tables In Men’s Toilets

We can all agree that baby changing areas are a much needed thing for families to function when out and about..

It’s crazy to realise just how no ones thought about actually having baby changing area’s in mens toilets. I mean, if they are out on their own with their baby, why can’t they change them in their toilets like woman can?

It’s crazy that in 2019 father’s can’t have access to something as simple as that.. we really need a rethink don’t we?

One man who is changing the game is Donte Palmer, from Jacksonville, Florida. He is a father of three young boys, and he is on a mission to change the world by installing baby changing areas in mens bathrooms.

He got the idea when he’d been enjoying dinner out in a restaurant with his wife and sons and when it came to changing his baby’s diaper, he realised access in the mens bathroom wasn’t possible.

Palmer, 32, explained:

“When I started changing my child, my 12-year-old son, Isaiah, usually comes with me to assist me; handing me the new diapers, handing me new wipes.”

“As he’s doing that, he pulls his phone out and starts taking pictures. I’m thinking at the time, he’s just playing on his phone, you know, doing what a 12-year-old kid usually does”

“It wasn’t until we got back to the table he showed my wife and I this picture. And I was like, well that’s a powerful picture, I’ll put it on social media when I get a chance, and we’ll just see what happens.”

Palmer is seen squatting with his back across the wall, little Liam on his lap without no use of a changing table. I’m sure so many fathers out there have been in this same award situation.

Palmer’s post had gone viral worldwide prompting men and women to think about his situation and many other fathers, and the realisation something needed to change.

Of course, fathers around the world started to share photographs of their babies being changed in a mixture of different ways, such as on laps and in car boots, all using the #SquatForChange.

Palmer’s activism has since grown.

Palmer revealed he and his wife are ‘amazed’ at what the post did and how many people could relate:

“Regardless of colour, regardless of social background, regardless of your financial status. One thing that we all can agree on is being a parent. And that is why this campaign is so important when it comes to fathers around the world.”

The campaign has even reached celebrities such as John Legend, who posted a vid of him changing his own baby on top of a piano. That’s a very stylish way to do it!

Palmer explained:

“A couple of local restaurants right in in Jacksonville have reached out to me, saying they have put changing tables and they were inspired by the campaign so they started placing changing tables in about two or three restaurants. And they placed changing tables in their restroom.”

“Major companies have begun to listen to these concerns. Squat For Change have already forged partnerships with nappy giant Pampers and baby changing station company Koala Care.”

Amazingly, there will be 5,000 changing tables in the next 2 years installed in men’s bathrooms throughout the US and Canada.

Palmer’s take on baby changing facilities only available in women’s bathrooms:

“It says that moms are the ones who are supposed to be the caretakers. They’re the ones who are supposed to provide for the babies, cook for the babies, change diapers. You know, stay at home and cook and clean.”

“And that’s false. And for a long time I believed that. Until I got married a year and three months ago, and I met my beautiful, strong wife. And she said, ‘no, this is how life works’. If I came home from work, and I just expected my wife to cook everyday, I’d probably be divorced right now!”

“But I say that in all seriousness, my wife and I, we play everything on an equal playing field in my household.”

Palmer continued:

“We have to change that narrative of what the world views mom and dad as, or male and female as when it comes to our society and roles of being married or being parents.”

“It’s just one of those things, we have to break those gender boxes. And that’s why my wife stepped up and she’s really helping me push the Squat For Change campaign for we can put our marriage and our parenting roles on a pedestal, so we can show society how we should be.”

“Mom and dad working together, for a greater cause, making sure everybody in the house is good. And making sure parents around the world can see what exactly it is to be a parent, a husband and a wife.”

It’s even clear that British fathers share Palmer’s need for nappy changing facilities when out in public.

Taylor Edwards, a Public relations professional said:

“I am the father of a near-two year old and I have had so many times when I needed to change my son’s diapers and couldn’t find anywhere to do it.”

“My wife works while I stay at home and take care of him, so it’s pretty common for me to get stuck with a dirty diaper and nowhere to change it while we’re out running errands.”

“I have had to get pretty good at finding a secluded corner in a store to change him, or I just leave the location and change him in my car. I’m pretty used to it now but I don’t feel like I should have to be used to this kind of inconvenience.”

It’s clear we need this change to happen EVERYWHERE so father’s across the globe can feel equal to women in regards to their children.

Palmer added:

“This is a time when new fathers – and fathers like myself who are seasoned – can spend that two minutes of time changing their baby, singing songs, bonding with their children.”

“You know, tickling them, making them laugh, giving them eye contact. So it’s more than just a changing table. I am fighting for, you know, the bonding of father and child.”

“That’s what we have to bring back into the forefront. A father and a child having that time to themselves so they can focus on each other and the baby can find security in the father.”

“But we definitely need to have this conversation more often, you know. What can we do to have a better resource for fathers? Especially for new fathers, when they have no idea what to do.”

“Just giving us that platform to highlight those beautiful fathers in the world because we’re active, and we don’t just want to shy away and give all our responsibilities and roles to the moms.”

Changing a newborn’s nappy is known to build trust and develop attachment between baby and parent. No father should be denied of this.

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