Teacher TOTALLY Loses It Over Prank In Viral Video

We have fond memories of teachers at school being able to keep their cool.. and some completely incapable.

Pranks are a given at any school, college, university…and some can deal with them more than others.

Laughing in the classroom is never a bad thing, as long as work gets done…and this prank in particular is pure genius but the teacher’s reaction is even better than the prank itself!

The video, which has gone viral on social media this week, sees a teacher going absolutely ballistic over a prank played on them by students… He completely lost his cool in the most hilarious way.

The video was first shared to Tik Tok, and took place in a school in Collierville, Tennessee.

The prank itself was a genius plan to make the teacher think a student had thrown a chair and broken the television screen in the classroom.

The ‘broken’ tv in question just had a broken and static filled photo covering the whole screen, and the teacher reacted hilariously… The teenage student known on social media as @rayyanshaikh, can be seen filming the broken screen.

When the teacher entered the classroom, he immediately noticed the broken television screen, and started ranting in frustration; assuming wrongly that students had been misbehaving, and had broken it.

The teacher, who was seen to be furious didn’t realise a prank was playing out playing involving him where the teenager was airplaying a video of a broken screen on the Apple TV via his phone.

The teacher completely believed the screen was broken.

The teacher didn’t really see the funny side and gave our prankster detention, @rayyanshaik ended the video with a shot of him sitting next to his tutor and was heard saying everything was okay in the end.

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