Superfan Of Mariah Carey Receives Cake With Marie Curie’s Face On It Instead

Birthday’s are the best. You receive personalised gifts, extravagant ones, funny ones the list goes on.

Siobhan told her work friends that she was hoping to get a Mariah Carey-themed cake for her birthday dropping a major hints that she really really wanted one. And of course, surely there’s no room for error when getting something personalised, especially when the person you’re getting printed is extremely famous right?

Harriet from Canada, who is cousin to Siobhan who lives in England decided to tweet the mishap when Siobhan sent her a photo of the cake she was presented with…amazingly the people completing the order got it completely wrong, and she ended up with a very strange looking Mariah..

Harriet tweeted:

“My cousin in England told her colleagues she wanted a Mariah Carey birthday cake”

“They misunderstood, and is the cake they made her instead. It’s Marie Curie, looking very festive.”

Instead of receiving the Mariah Carey cake she wanted, they got her one designed with a black and white portrait of the hugely celebrated physicist, Marie Curie.. i guess i can kind of see where it may have gone wrong?

I mean, it’s not a bad replacement for Mariah as Marie discovered radium and polonium and made a huge contribution to the fight against cancer.

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