Starbucks Fans, You Can Now Get Your Hands On New Adorable Animal-Inspired Merchandise!

Instagram and coffee go pretty well together… so, good news just in! Starbucks have just released a new animal-inspired merchandise where you can get your hands on a cute variety of different mugs and tumblers. So instagram worthy!

Starbucks China is starting the new trend and caught everyone’s attention with their newest merchandise additions.

It’s a fact that most people love adorable tiny animals. So, Starbucks China thought for their summer merch collection, why not release animal inspired line of goods?

You can expect to purchase inspired cuts with alpaca’s, raccoon’s, squirrel’s… the list goes on.

UNFORTUNATELY.. these items are only available in China. Maybe it will prompt a trip? Starbucks is definitely a good reason to go. Right?

The collection uses pastel colors and features everything we love about summer, from fruits, fresh drinks, ice cream, along with cute animals! What a great way to have your coffee.

If interested, check out the Starbucks China page or Instagram to see how you can get your hands on them before they sell out!

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