Single Man Adopts A Girl With Down Syndrome Who Was Rejected By 20 Families

After being involved with social service programs since being a teenager, one man opened up his heart and his home to adopt a girl with Down Syndrome.

Luca Trapanese had been volunteering and working with children with disabilities since he was young before he decided to adopt Alba.

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At the time Alba was just a few days old when she was put up for adoption by her parents. The beginning of her life was less than ideal circumstances as 20 families rejected her for adoption.

Many families were not ready to raise a baby with the condition that Alba has until Luca came along.

He had previously worked with the “A Ruota Libera” Foundation, which is a group that helps with children with Down Syndrome so he was not unprepared.

Luca knew in his heart that he was going to be the father of the abandoned child.

The process was tough as adoption agencies usually prefer a ‘traditional family’ and as Luca was a homosexual, single man it made it harder.

But Luca was set on adopting Alba, even if he was adopting her on his own.

As soon as the adoption was approved, Luca drove straight to the hospital to fill in the paperwork.

In an interview with the BBC he told them: “When I held her in my arms, I was filled with joy. I felt she was my daughter immediately. I knew I was ready to be her father.”

Luca said: “I will spend the rest of my life with a girl I love, and we will do many wonderful things together.”

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