Schoolgirl Refuses To Answer Offensive Homework Question

A 10-year-old schoolgirl has been praised after she shut down an “offensive” question on her school math test.

After noticing a rather unorthodox question focusing on weight on her math homework, Rhythm Pacheco from Salt Lake City, Utah, took a stand in the best way, penning a note to her teacher in the answer section.

Credit: Fox 13 News

The question read: “The table to the right shows the weight of 3 Grade 4 students. How much heavier is Isabel than the lightest student?”

But this didn’t sit right with Rhythm, who thought the question “wasn’t nice.”

Credit: NBC News

“This is offensive,” she wrote.

She then apologized, but refused to answer the math problem because it was too “rood.”

Credit: NBC News

Worried that she would get in trouble for not answering the question, Rhythm then wrote her teacher a sweet letter explaining her case.

Her personal note said: “I don’t want to be rude but I don’t think that math problem was very nice because that’s judging people’s weight.

“Also the reason I did not do the sentence is because I just don’t think that’s nice. Love Rhythm.”

Credit: NBC News

After her mom, Naomi, found her daughter’s heartfelt message while looking through her homework, she was so proud that she posted several snaps of it online.

Taking to social media, she said: “Rhythm’s dad and I were extremely proud of Rhythm for listening to her gut instincts and standing up for what is right.

“Rhythm’s teacher was so responsive and handled the situation with such care. She told her she understands how she would be upset about this and that she didn’t have to write out the answer.”

Speaking to Fox 13 News, Naomi branded the math question “irresponsble,” claiming that it encouraged girls to compare themselves to each other.

Credit: Fox 13 News

The curriculum program responsible for the question, Eureka Math, said they had “never received this type of feedback before” and assured they use both boy and girl names in their questions.

And it looks like the issue is being taken very seriously…

“User feedback is a vital part of our culture. We are grateful to receive constructive feedback from students, teachers and parents alike. We apologize for any discomfort or offense caused by the question,” explained the program’s creator, Chad Colby.

“Please know that we will replace this question in all future reprints, and suggest that teachers supply students with an appropriate replacement question in the interim.”

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