SCARY Clown Tattoo Comes To LIFE When Man Moves!

Tattoo artists Torstem Malm, Adrian Ciercoles, Moriel Sero and Kätlin Malm spent two days detailing a gory clown tattoo design on the back of their client Hendrik Schönenberg.

Since then, a video of the terrifying tattoo has gone viral since it was shared on Facebook, with more than 12million views and 240,000 shares.

People and tattoo fans have been left in awe and shock by the interesting yet impressive work, with one person commenting on the photo “Amazing work, freaky as hell when he moves”.

The Munich team, who work at tattoo parlour Mori Occultum, spent ten hours preparing the design before beginning the inking process.

The disturbing tattoo has drawn similarities to infamous villain the Joker.

Adrian Ciercoles, from Spain, said:

“We prepared the design for one day, and tattooed for two days. Each day was about ten hours long.

“All in all almost 30 hours of work was put in by four artists simultaneously to make this tattoo as amazing as possible.”

Kätlin Malm, from Estonia, said:

“People are mainly baffled that you can actually do a tattoo like this.

“A lot of people were scared and disgusted by it too – but that’s exactly the reaction that you would expect for a creepy clown tattoo. It told us we’d done our job.

“I think we were pleased that you couldn’t tell which part was done by what artist. It looks like a complete piece made by one artist.”

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