Praying Mantis Kills And Eats Murder Hornet

Woah. This video is not for the faint of heart. It is grizzly and a mere confirmation that nature can be terrifying!

Every week or two something new comes up that scares us witless and 2020 has got to be one of the most unbelievable years in history.

After the US Government all but confirming aliens exist, COVID-19 sending most of the world into lockdown, murder hornets are the latest terrifying craze.

Murder Hornets are exactly what they sound like. They’re gigantic Asian hornets that can kill a human if they sting you enough times.

Videos have since surfaced of Murder Hornets completely obliterating other insects and even creatures, such as mice.

But now a video has gone viral showing a Praying Mantis destroying a murder hornet and it is a seriously disturbing clip.

Check out the distressing clip below:

If, for some reason, you clicked on the article but do not wish to watch the video, then I’ll tell you what happens.

The Praying Mantis gets the Murder Hornet in its hands (are they hands? claws? pincers?). The Murder Hornet tries to fight back but can’t.

The Praying Mantis then proceeds to eat the hornet’s head. Yeah, literally. It eats the entire inside of its head, using its skull as some sort of sick bowl.

So if you’re worried about murder hornets then do not fear! Just get yourself a load of Praying Mantis’ and wave goodbye to your nightmares!

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