People Worried For Teen After ‘Worst TikTok Ever’

Many people are worried for a TikTok user after she posted a video many are calling the ‘worst TikTok ever’.

The social media user, who goes under the name mogarr7301, posted a video after evidently breaking up with her boyfriend Cole.

The video is an open letter to whoever he dates in the future and asks them to look after him and trust him no matter what – with the clip opening and ending with footage of mogarr7301 sobbing away.

Image Credit: mogarr7301

In the video, there are countless photos of herself and Cole, obviously in a better place, accompanied by captions which read:

Be patient with him, he means well, I promise.

Be there when he’s struggling, no matter what.

Let him live his life. It will make him so much happier.

Trust him he deserves it.

Treat every single hug and kiss like it’s your last. You’ll regret it if you don’t, I promise.

Check out the video below:

Many people online have been trolling the teen for the video, while others have called her out for her wearing a Trump crop top.

Others however are worried for the girl – giving that thousands of people online are giving her a wealth of hate.

At the end of the day, she’s a young girl who’s obviously in a bad place – and she definitely doesn’t deserve the weight of the internet trolling her no matter what you make of the video.

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