People Can’t Believe Mum-Of-Three Isn’t A Teenager

Here we go. Something to break the mundanity of more coronavirus death stories on your timeline.

Take a breath. Forget about it. And indulge yourself in this story about a mum of three who ISN’T a teenager believe it or not.

No, people quite simply get their head around the fact that Valeria Lipovetsky isn’t her son’s sister!

The model and TikTok star is constantly being mistaken for a teenager, when in fact she’s a fully-grown adult.

Valeria is originally from Russia but currently resides in Canada with her husband Gary Lipovetsky and their three boys.

And yes, everybody thinks she’s one of her son’s sisters…

But just how old is Valeria? Well, she’s not a teenager, in fact she’s 30-years-old.

So how does she look so young, well… it’s a pretty tough regimen.

As soon as she wakes up she applies a Vitimin C serum to her face, which she says helps give her a bit of a glow.

She also swears by body dry-brushing, which helps to exfoliate the skin, and not only aids circulation but helps with her digestion and cellulite.

And then at the end of the day, Valeria then uses retinol, an ingredient in anti-ageing creams that she swears by.

If you want any beauty tips from me, sometimes I apply moisturizer after a shave! Trust me.

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