People Are Disgusted And ‘Upset’ Over Prince Charles’ Fingers

You know what’s only just occurred to me? Prince Charles doesn’t get that much media attention does he?

I mean, he gets more than your average Joe like me, but I guess the lime lights a lot more focused on Harry and Meghan, and then Will and Kate, and then the Queen herself.

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“In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have an unparalleled opportunity to reimagine our future. We have the chance to determine and shape the world we want, not just for ourselves but for the generations which follow. But this opportunity only exists for a short time and the window is rapidly closing. As I am sure you will agree, we simply have no time to waste.” . Today The Prince of Wales spoke to UN Commonwealth Ambassadors about #TheGreatReset 🌍, a new initiative aiming to rebuild, redesign, reinvigorate and rebalance our world. HRH was invited to virtually speak to the 54 UN Commonwealth Ambassadors by the Prime Minister of Canada @Justinpjtrudeau 🇨🇦 who he met most recently at Clarence House in December. ♻️The Great Reset aims to rebuild, redesign, reinvigorate and rebalance our world. It has been designed to ensure businesses and communities ‘build back better’ by putting sustainable business practices at the heart of their operations as they begin to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. His Royal Highness has championed environmental issues for over fifty years, promoting action for a sustainable future to ensure that our natural assets can endure for future generations. Read The Prince’s remarks from the virtual meeting in full by following the link in our bio. 📸 PA

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Well now he’s getting some attention, thank God, but it’s for all the wrong reasons.

So just what has he done? Well, nothing really… People have just noticed his fingers and they’re feeling pretty ‘upset’ and ‘disgusted’ at the same time.

Wanna see them? Take a look below.

What do you think?

I’ll tell you what people on the Internet think, they’re genuinely offended by them!

One lad online wrote:

Can’t get that picture of Prince Charles sausage fingers out my head, absolute monster.

Another stressed:

please dont make me look at prince charles’ big fat hot dog fingers ever again. if one more person quotes that photo im going to be physically sick

A third tweeted:

I will not repost it but I saw a picture on here of Prince Charles’ little sausage fingers and now I see them every time I close my eyes. Just haunting, haunting stuff. Sorry I brought it up.

As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough…

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