People Are Calling Kanye West’s New Foam Yeezy Sneakers ‘$500 Crocs’

Kanye West is definitely a trendsetter, his unique ideas and designs for fashion have undoubtedly been a hit with people and some not so much… He is most definitely someone who doesn’t follow convention, and he loves to be outspoken and make big statements.

Kanye’s need for being heard and making a point can sometimes end up backfiring and provoking more controversy.

Remember when he infamously interrupted Taylor Swift or when he publicly pledged his support for US President Donald Trump? He’s had a lot to say.

Kanye has yet made another controversial ‘statement’ in the name of fashion and people have mixed feelings about it.

Kanye’s new sneakers, the Adidas Yeezy Foam Runners, have reminded people of Crocs with a very different kind of price tag.

Kanye recently dropped a picture of two models wearing them on social media and unfortunately, they were criticised by the general public.

The sneaker was originally spotted on the feet of Kanye’s daughter North. These photos give us a better at the moulded foam shoes and we can kind of see what people are saying.

Kanye probably doesn’t mind having his shoes compared to Crocs because it seems that another famous musician (and style icon) is apparently a big fan of them.

Ariana Grande uploaded a picture of herself to Instagram, where she was seen wearing Crocs with socks and many people actually liked it.

Maybe crocs are the new thing? I mean they are comfy…

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