Now You Can Buy ‘Baby Shark’ Cereal Full Of Marshmallow Sharks

You’ve definitely heard the notorious ‘Baby Shark’ song right?

Children across the world LOVE it.. and some might say are slightly obsessed with the catchy tune.

For adults though, it’s probably up there with one of the worst songs out there, purely because it’s annoying melody and lyrics stays in your head.. all..day..long.

Some aren’t aware that it’s actually Shark Week next week, so Kellogg’s have released a new Baby Shark cereal, to honour the special week.

Shark Week celebrates all things shark and sadly, many re unfortunately endangered.

It’s probably a great time to stick the Jaws movies on or start your day the best way with this brand new Baby Shark cereal.

It’s only around for a short time and contails “Berry Fin-tastic” flavored blue, red, and yellow cereal rounds and marshmallows.

It is full of sugar though, so be careful in regards to your teeth.

Erin Storm, Kellogg’s marketing director of All Family Cereal, said:

“We know Baby Shark is a catchy tune that has captured the hearts of many families.”

“New Kellogg’s Baby Shark cereal was created to expand on the joy families feel in a tasty way.”

Doo doo doo doo doo doo get yourself some of this cereal.

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