New ‘One Foot Taller’ Periscope Glasses Allows People To See Better At Gigs!

How annoying is it when you go to a gig, and your view is completely obstructed by a very tall person standing in front of you. It’s the fear everyone has attending a gig and now there’s a way your life can be made a whole lot easier…

Inventor Dominic Wilcox has created the ‘One Foot Taller’ glasses. They are a pair of periscope glasses basically.. that allow you to see over the heads of people in front of you.

Why has this never been created before? It’s genius!

The glasses add one foot (or 30.5cm) on to the wearer’s normal eye-level. So handy.

Wilcox explained:

“I was standing at a gig and turned to see a small woman dancing away but unable to see the band. This gave me the inspiration to design a way for people to see over obstacles such as tall people like me.

“It works well, though dancing with it on might be a challenge!”

Using a sheet of mirrored acrylic with a 45-degree bend Wilcox ensured the smaller mirror can reflect the larger mirror, giving whoever wears them a better view.

With Microsoft Surface challenging inventors to come up with ‘extraordinary solutions’ for ‘everyday problems’ for an exhibition in London, the glasses were born.

Wilcox explained:

“Some people get their thrills from bungee jumping or scoring a winning goal at Wembley, but I get mine from coming up with creative ideas.

“Creativity is important because the world has many problems and challenges, and we need a lot more people with creative solutions to solve them.

“I think that everyone can become more creative and increase their ability to think up new ideas.

“Creativity is just a particular way of thinking that can be learned and practised like any other skill.”

He added:

“Some of my ideas develop from observations on human behaviour and I express them through the objects I create.

“I also experiment with materials to try to find surprises that can’t be found simply by thinking with a pen or a computer.”

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