Mysterious 400ft Ice Ship Discovered In Iceberg On Google Earth

A mysterious 400ft ice ship has been discovered buried in an iceberg by eagle eyed Google Earth users.

The massive ‘ship’ was discovered about 100 miles off the coast of Antarctica.

Conspiracy theorists across the globe have had their minds blown by the discovery with some even suggesting the ‘ship’ will be used to transport the elite of the world in case of a global disaster.

So if the Queen, Donald Trump, and Kanye West suddenly disappear – bad news is coming!

Image Credit: MrMBB333

News of the mysterious discovery was shared by YouTuber MrMBB333 who was delighted with his discovery.

Discussing the finding, he commented:

You look down on it and it looks like the outline of a ship. This measures 400ft long, whatever that looks like, it looks like a ship.

An ice ship if you want to call it – a 400ft yacht just sitting there off the coast of Antarctica.

Image Credit: MrMBB333

One viewer commented:

I was told a couple of years ago that there are ships built underground somewhere on upper east coast (like the ones in the movie 2012) to save the rich and powerful when canary islands get hit with massive earthquake that will take out east coast.

Others however have pointed out that its most likely just a shadow which resembles a ship…

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