Mum Cuts Off Child’s Hair After Dad Styled It Without Permission

This is the chilling story of how a mother cut of her child’s hair after the child’s father had it styled with her permission.

The mum can be seen brandishing a pair of scissors and slashing away at the evidently distressed child’s hair.

She speaks to the camera, venting her anger, after the child was taken elsewhere to have her braids done.

Image Credit: Facebook

The mother can be heard saying:

I don’t care! I told you stop playing with me! I don’t care, I do my own daughter’s hair.

Sharing the video on Facebook, the father wrote:

I snuck up on my kids at daycare cause dey momma jayla don’t let me see dem an I took my boys to get dey hair cut an got my bby girl hair did look wat her momma do just cause I got my bby hair did.

I’m gucci but my bby hurt but females talk about dead beats dis why sum [N-words] say f*ck dat sh*t an I remind u she also smushed her bday cake on her bday last year [sic].

As you can probably imagine, most people online were horrified at the mother’s actions, especially considering the heartbroken and clearly distressed look on her daughter’s faced as she forcefully cut her hair.

One woman wrote:

This is so sad and evil. She really cut this baby hair out of spite.

Other parents jumped on board who also struggle to get on with their ‘baby daddy’, however they explained that no matter how much they ‘despise’ him they would do something ‘out of spite’ that will hurt their child.

Despite the controversy, the mother is said to be standing by her actions and, according to the Daily Dot, she said in an Instagram Live that while she likes the style, the braids were ‘too tight’.

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