Mom Shares Heartbreaking Video After Disabled Daughter Is Attacked At School

Just weeks after the news of Quaden Bayles went viral across the globe, yet another distressing video has emerged depicted a bullied disabled girl.

In case you’ve forgotten the original video, it was of ‘nine-year-old’ Quaden Bayles who, after a horrific day at school, said he wants to take his own life because of bullying.

Quaden was heard on camera saying:

Give me a knife – I want to kill myself. I just want to die right now.

And now another very similar video has emerged of a bullied disabled girl who was attacked on the school yard.

Now, her furious mother, Kerri, has revealed the video of her injured and crying young daughter – aged just 12.

Image Credit: Facebook

She wrote:

Today at 1:30pm I was called and informed my 12-year-old old daughter’s head had been hurt.

But let’s be real here. Aalyha was attacked. I have spoken to the principal and the boy will be stood down for the rest of the week following this horrible event.

I am happy to see action and some justice. But people … This starts at home.

Wise words.

Check out the video below:

Kerri concluded that parents need to be doing more at home and teachers need to be doing more at school.

Who could possibly disagree with that?

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