Man Who Licked Toilet Seat Now Has Coronavirus

What are the main things you need to do to try and avoid Coronavirus?

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly – at least 20 seconds of soap and hot water.
  2. Wash your hands whenever you come into contact with something that may be contaminated.
  3. Disinfect anything and everything you believe may be contaminated.
  4. Avoid the outside world as much as possible. Limit who you see on a day to day basis.
  5. Don’t shake hands.
  6. Cough into a tissue and bin it immediately. If you don’t have a tissue, cough into your elbow.

Nowhere on this list does it say ‘lick toilet seats’. Why? Because you should never, ever, ever, ever, ever lick a toilet seat – especially when we’re in a global pandemic.

Image Credit: TikTok

But always, there is somebody willing to do the outrageous to claim viral fame, and here we are, giving it to them.

This is the story of a so-called TikTok superstar who decided in the heat of a pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives he would lick the coliseum of germs – a toilet seat.

Sure, the video went viral. But now that same guy has reportedly got a dose of Coronavirus himself…

Controversial TV presenter, Piers Morgan, said:

You may remember also the other idiot, this is also in America, as part of the coronavirus challenge some morons are doing, went into  his local toilet cubicle and licked the bowl.

I think this is called karma – he’s got coronavirus.

Don’t play with fire.

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