Man Dresses As Pennywise On New York Subway To Try And Frighten Them

Pennywise decided to catch the subway home with commuters recently.

As IT: Chapter Two nears closer a prankster thought it would be a great idea to scare commuters on the subway train in New York City.

The clown is videoed strolling down the carriage with a balloon… not going to lie.. that would really freak me out.

Some passengers were completely ignoring the prankster with their heads buried in their phones. As Pennywise mutters ‘We all float down here’.

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Instagram account @subwaycreatures loved the video and magician Alejandro Torres, 25, stepped forward as the costumed prankster.

It’s safe to say he nailed the look. The makeup eerily resembles Bill Skarsgård’s interpretation in the recent adaptation.

Torres had been filming a promotional video in Manhattan dressed as the villain, and his friends thought it would be a good idea to get more footage on the train home.

Torres said:

“I was trying to get back to Brooklyn. I did my best to stay in character but I was exhausted.

I want to take stuff that can be seen as scary and make it fun. The reactions so far have been really positive.”

Instagram user Ryan B. Taylor was also on the train, and decided to take a video of his own getting a share from @subwaycreatures which went viral, being viewed an amazing 700,000 times.

One person commented on how unfazed some of the commuters were:

‘Hilarious. Someone waved at him and he waved back. Clearly no one is threatened by Pennywise in New York.’ Another commented: ‘I love seeing New Yorkers completely unphased [sic] like this is a typical work commute.’

Torres added:

“Immediately when I boarded people were terrified, but a good 10-15 minutes passed when that video was taken so at that point they’d already seen the shtick.”

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