Madonna Roasted By Fans For ‘Worst Bum Implants Ever’

Madonna has been roasted online after fans called her out for her suspected bum implants.

While the implants have not been confirmed by the iconic singer, fans are certain she’s gone under the knife, and they are not satisfied with the results.

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Posting a selfie to Instagram, revealing her derriere, countless comments claimed Madonna should take the implants out and embrace her natural figure.

Others weren’t as kind, with some claiming they were the worst bum implants of all time…

Check out the selfie below:

This isn’t the first time Madonna has been called out for surgery on her bum.

Over a year ago, footage of her singing a duet with her son, left many fans unable to concentrate on the music, as they were distracting by her unnatural looking behind.

Again, many comments were critical of the singer’s cosmetic choices.

However one fan raised the point:

Even if she did [have surgery], which I don’t think, who cares! She’s 60 years old! As a fellow Italian, even though I’m 37, you let shit go. I’m happy to see her put healthy weight in all the right places on! Again… She’s the QUEEN!

In my opinion, do whatever you like Madonna! Who cares what the haters say. It’s your body at the end of the day.

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