Logan Paul Knocked Out Cold By Undefeated UFC Fighter

Logan Paul may think he’s quite the fighter, but not this time, after footage emerged of him being knocked out COLD.

The man who threw the brutal shots was none other than undefeated UFC legend, Paulo Costa.

The controversial YouTuber and vlogger shared footage from his sparring session with the professional brute at the UFC performance institute.

Paul was trying his hand at mixed martial arts, but so far it isn’t going as planned.

He wrote:

This morning we came here to the UFC performance institute. Apparently they want me to spar a guy by the name of Paulo Costa.

He’s not a human, he’s a bear – he’s a 13 and 0 undefeated UFC fighter.

I don’t think he liked the way I looked at him at dinner last night or something – but it’s a good thing I’m a professional boxer now who’s 0 and 1, goddammit.

They put the headgear on me, not him. That’s how you know I’m f***ed.

But despite the savage show down, Costa’s trainer praised Paul for his grappling and said he has what it takes to make it in MMA.

And even Costa gave him some praise, saying:

Ninety percent of guys who go to train MMA have good technique, but not hard spirit, not big heart you know. You have both.

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And new

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Fair play I guess.

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