Lacy Bras And Matching Knickers For Men Are The New Rage

Well.. we can all agree that sexy underwear for women is definitely a thing.

Men however…don’t exactly have the same kind of options for ‘sexy’ underwear.

You don’t really find seductive underwear for the lads…and some would say that they don’t particularly want that as an option.

Calvin Klein boxers are as near to ‘sexy’ as guys can get but what would men do if they had the options of bras, knickers.. the list goes on.

WELL! Men.. you do in fact have that option as these lingerie brands specialise in matching lacy bras and knickers just for you.

One company which launched back in 2009 is called ‘HommeMystere’ and offers “fun, comfortable, unique lingerie – for people with packages.” – Sounds.. interesting.

You can also get silk nighties, body suits and more.

You don’t have to worry about cup sizes as there is no option for that but they do range from small to extra large and some padded options are available.

You can get your hands on these for as little as $10 and no more than $35.

Reviews have been great! One customer wrote:

“So sexy, my gf loves me in this and the matching panties”

Another customer reviewing the Tiffany sleepwear set said:

“The material feels so soft and sensuous to the touch and feels so comfortable. You could sleep in it all night if it wasn’t so sexy!”

Shipping is available to places like the UK, the US, France, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Would you order a matching set?

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