Kylie Jenner Deletes Bikini Pic After Fans Accuse Her Of Photoshopping

Listen, I know I’m my own worst enemy with this next sentence, but is there a single day that goes by without Kylie Jenner news?

No, I guess is the answer.

Is there a single day that goes by without Kardashian/Jenner news? Absolutely NO WAY.

And here we are again.

Image Credit: Twitter

The Kardashian/Jenner clan have been called millions of things over the years. Honestly, it’s got to be millions!

And one thing they often get called out for, is being fake – whether it’s true or not.

And well, it’s happened again. This time Kylie Jenner has been called out for a photoshopping fail in a recent bikini picture.

One person who spotted the huge and obvious editing error, complained that Kylie was sending out a fake image of beauty to her millions of young followers.

Another wrote that everything she does is fake.

A third joked that she needs a professional to edit her images instead of doing it herself.

Check out the image below:

Notice it? If not, take a look at the pool ledge. Certainly looks like its been edited!

Whether it was fake or not is up to you, but Kylie decided to delete the image which certainly feels like she accepted defeat on this one.

Girls and guys. Just be comfortable and happy in your own skin.

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