Joyous Twins With Down Syndrome Are Inspiring The World On Instagram

Milo and Charlie McConnel are Instagram’s newest and cutest stars. After their parents, Julie and Dan McConnel set up an Instagram account for the adorable pair, the 4-year-olds have gained a staggering 61,000 strong following.

The boys are photographed and filmed doing all sorts of daily activities, just like regular toddlers across the world. But this pair, who have become a viral sensation, aren’t like regular children. They have actually gained a large chunk of their attention because they both have Down Syndrome.

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Down Syndrome is a genetic condition that results in physical and cognitive complications and delays, leaving parents of children with the disorder an even bigger challenge than usual parenting. Many children with Down Syndrome have difficulties with learning and can suffer from everything from poor eyesight to congenital heart disease.

But these brothers haven’t let their condition from living life to the fullest, and they have gained their Insta fame from their infectious smiles and positive attitudes to life.

With the Instagram account, the McConnel family are aiming to tackle the stigma around the condition and show the world that, just because a child has Down Syndrome, it doesn’t mean they can’t live life to the fullest.

“My hope is to attract families that are receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child because that can be really scary. I hope that people will find us, and see that this is what life can be like,” Julie said to WTSP 10 News.

“It can be fun, it’s full of love, it’s not scary. We have no regrets, and there is so much joy in our lives, and I hope that people will see that.”

And the McConnel family’s ultimate goal is to provide a community for parents who don’t know as much about Down syndrome, helping them understand the diagnosis and realize just how much love and joy it can provide.

And Julie wants to show that raising a Down Syndrome child can be just as exciting and loving.

The pair are exceptionally rare; as fraternal twins with Down syndrome, Charlie and Milo are believed to be a 1-in-14 million case.

What an inspiring pair!

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