Joey Chestnut Eats 32 Big Macs In 38 Minutes Breaking World Record

We’ve all been there. You’ve overestimated yourself. You just had to order the XL and now sweat is pouring from your forehead like you’ve just participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I’ll never forget that time I ordered the extra hot wings. I had to sign a waiver. That if I were to enter cardiac arrest I took full responsibility for my actions etc.

Holy moly. They were hot. I knew they were hot before I even got my teeth into them. How? Because my fingers began burning from the sauce when I picked them up. It felt like my fingertips were covered in chili sauce paper cuts.

One man who probably understands that feeling of regret is none other than Joey Chestnut – AND THE NEW world record holder for the most Big Macs eaten in a certain time.

Image Credit: Joey Chesnut YouTube

Joey Chestnut devoured 32 Big Macs in just 38 minutes. That’s over 18,000 calories!

He shattered the previous record of a meager 30 and the best part – the entire thing is on camera for us to enjoy.

Never has a video been so equally disgusting and incredible at the same time.

Fair play Joey.

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