Floating Light-Up Bar Is The New Must Have This Summer!

Summer parties are on their way and people are very excited! Theres only a little longer left to wait before we have to get party ready, so this new creation could make usual summer bashes a lot more fun!

Being out in the warm sun with a beer or two is lush. So why not be in the pool at the same time with something that adds a little party flare AND can store your alcohol safely and keep it icy cold.

PoolCandy’s cooler is the ultimate go too for a fun summer party.

The Buffet Cooler is four feet long, for you to place ice, food and alochol.

LED lights to keep it lit up when the sun goes down and the party is still running. Guess what, you can make the lights strobe, flash, or stay still.

All you need is some AA batteries on hand as each float requires three of them to keep the LED lights running.

PoolCandy and eBay are both selling the floats for $24.99, while Nordstrom Rack is selling them for $16.97. If you’re a prime user, Amazon can get you one for $10.96.

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