Irish Kid Has Instagram In Hysterics After Talking About His Busy Day

Caroline O’Neill is just your average Irish mammy, but now her two sons have the Internet world in hysterics after her she shared some of her home videos online.

Some of her videos have achieved way over one million views, and I myself must’ve watched a fair few of them over a dozen times, including sending them to family and friends to watch too.

Her most recent video is one of the best yet, as her son Darragh talks about his busy day in the local Tyrone community.

While enjoying smarties, Darragh talks about putting up barbed wire, collecting his new car, strimming hedges, cutting sheep and digging out drain.

He’s certainly a busy man – I wonder how much of that dialect he picked up from his dad.

Take a look below.

In another classic video, Darragh and his other brother, Pearse, discussing how they ‘shifted’ a cow that was about to eat a flower Pearse had grown.

Pearse is certain the cow was actually a bull, but Darragh insists it wasn’t as he saw the ‘t*ts’…

It certainly takes your mind off COVID-19, that’s for sure.

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