Irish Guy Discovers Nearly €200 Million In His Bank Account

What would you do if 200 million pounds.. euros…dollars.. appeared in your bank account?

Well, Kevin Conway was stunned when that staggering amount mysteriously appeared in his account… all thanks too a technical glitch on his Revolut app… sadly, the happiness of having millions to spend only lasted 2 hours.

The currency app was opened to find a huge €197,245,088 had been deposited into his ‘vault’ – a place to save money.

Apparently, the true amount should’ve been around €200. Huff.

He explained:

“It was around 3pm or 4pm on Friday of last week and I checked my app and it said I had a balance of €197m.

Then all of a sudden it was gone.

I didn’t know what to do. I was scratching my head. I was €200 million richer for two hours there.”

Revolut put the blunder down to a ‘temporary bug’, and stated that the €200 million wouldn’t have been possible to withdraw.

A spokesperson for Revoult said:

“This had no impact on the funds in that account and the error was quickly corrected by a customer support agent.”

When Conway queried the ‘mistake’ on a web chat with a Revolut customer support agent, she joked ‘I wish we could do it. I would make myself rich and you as well!’

Others have been able to take advantage of money blunders previously but have been prosecuted..

A woman called Margaret McDonnell went on a ‘massive spending spree’ in March 2013. It was after a bank accidentally put €51,000 into her account. WOW.

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