Instagram Model Beats 60,000 Applicants To ‘Best Job In The World’

They have a hard time getting through life Instagram models, don’t they?

Good news though! One of them has just bagged herself the best job in the world! Well, that’s what it’s been called…

Tyanna De Assis beat 60,000 other applicants to become a millionaire’s personal assistant.

The 27-year-old is set to become the right-hand woman to e-commerce businessman Matthew Lepre, 26.


Making £66,000-a-month, Matthew travels to places like Dubai, Japan and LA, giving seminars about his success.

Speaking to news.com.au, Tyanna said: “After four months working for the agency I went travelling to LA and while I was there I found out I was short-listed – I headed back to Sydney and had a phone interview with Matt and it went from there.

“I applied because it was already what I was doing – office and PA roles, social media content strategies.

“This role was perfect because I could travel which I do a lot of anyway and have the best of both worlds.”


Tyanna added: “It’s crazy, even my family and friends wonder how I got it – but they said it’s perfect for me.”

“I am used to travelling and working from different locations and different time zones.

“I literally just landed from LA this morning and I am ready to start my next role. I have also researched your course, so hello, I am really intrigued and interested. I can and have travelled on my own anyway.”


Matthew is currently planning out a course to teach people how to make their millions. Once he’s done with that, he and Tyanna will set off on a tour of either Europe or South America.

He said: “Tyanna will be travelling the world with my team and I, as we educate people that there is a better way then just working the 9-5 lifestyle.”

What an opportunity!

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