Instagram Influencer Mikaela DISTRAUGHT After Instagram Removes ‘Likes’

A lot of people love instagram. It’s a place to find out what people are up too, tell everyone what you’re up too, put up nice pictures… and gain a few likes.

In recent news, it was revealed that Instagram are trialing removing likes from posts in an attempt to make people feel less pressured by high engagement and focussing on popularity rather than what people are posting.

This doesn’t mean you can’t see your own likes.. it’s just people won’t be able to see them.

As it’s the norm to have instagram models and influencers in this day and age, taking their precious likes away hasn’t gone down too well.

For example, Mikaela Testa, who is an Instagram Model, and has a decent 50,000 followers. They love to see how she looks and where she goes.

Since the announcement of taking away likes, she’s said she’s seen a massive drop off in engagement on her posts.

This resulted in her sharing a video of crying her eyes out at her upset and frustration that instagram has caused her.

Mikaela claims that she makes A$1,000 (£559) for every 1,000 likes she gets. So we can see why she’d be upset..

She also posted:

“Regardless of what you may think, Instagram is a REAL job and those in the industry have worked hard to get where they’re at.

“It’s people that aren’t even in the industry that think it’s a f***ing joke. It’s not, it’s real damage out here. I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this for it to be ripped away, it’s not just me suffering too, it’s every brand and business I know.”

She has now taken a time-out from Instagram and is having a ‘really big break’ from social media.

That didn’t last long as she’s back on the gram already..

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