Instagram Couple Slammed As Boyfriend Is ‘Always Putting His Girlfriend’s Life At Risk’

An instagram couple are under fire as their followers have accused them of risking their lives to create the perfect instagram photos.

One half of the couple, Kody Workman, 32, has been specifically targeted for ‘always putting his girlfriend’s life at risk’.

Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, are US bloggers that create insanely gorgeous instagram photos and always wow their followers with their risky pictures.

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Recently they took a photo at Peru’s Humantay Lagoon and were quick to be criticised.

The picture sees Kelly hanging off the edge of the steep cliff with one foot resting on the rock whilst the other is dangling in the air.

Kody isn’t too far away as he is seen to be sitting on the edge of the cliff, but he’s definitely in a safer position than his girlfriend.

The caption read:

“The world is waiting for you! Behind the masses of those that wish to watch you lead a quiet and sedentary life is an open, unlined canvas. We urge you to take a chance, to push past barriers of negativity and oppression of self fulfillment and paint the picture of who YOU want to be.

Never let yourself be beat down for living your life by those too afraid to live their own. There is a difference between risking your life and taking a risk at having one. We know which side we would rather be on, do you?”

Some followers have noted how it seems Kelly is always taking the risks to get the dramatic shots and Kody is always in a safer place.

One person commented:

“Notice how the guy isn’t doing anything dangerous. He has the woman doing everything dangerous. Wow. What a real man.”

Another said:

“Why always the girl at the risky side?”

Kelly, not happy with the comments got straight to it and let people know what she makes her ‘own decisions’ and that the shoot had been her own idea.

Some supported Kelly and stated that the couple ‘aren’t children’ and were impressed with the risky, beautiful shots.

This shock concerning the couples snaps has opened up discussions regarding the responsibility of influencers to promote safety among their followers.

The couple were in hot water previously in April this year when the pair were called ‘morons’ when Kelly was snapped dangling from the edge of a three-storey infinity pool.

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