Instagram Couple Criticised For Photo Of Them Kissing Hanging From A Moving Train!

An instagram couple who posts pictures of their relationship regularly have received a huge amount of criticism online for sharing a new photo of their “wildest kiss”.

Of course, had it been a standard, out of danger shot of the pair it probably wouldn’t have been a ‘problem’, but yes, it was of them dangling out of the doors of a moving train in Sri Lanka.

The couple from Brussels, Jean and Camille, who gave up in working office jobs to travel the world and share their adventures on their Instagram were the ones who took the risk for the amazing yet scary photo.

The loved up pair are seen to be kissing each-other whilst hanging from the side of the train as it goes over a bridge. Yikes.

Camille’s brother, who is travelling alongside the pair, was the one who took the shot. Lovely. I’d rather be taking the picture than risking my life to be in it….

Several people online have pointed out that they think this photograph is “dangerous” and “life threatening” but it definitely is ‘Instagram worthy’ and beautiful to look at.

Of course had the photo snap gone wrong, it would only take one slip and they’d both be off plummeting from the side of a moving train.

People have found it their duty to tell the couple just this.

One told them “this is how people die”.

Another branded their actions “stupid” and told them that it was “risky behaviour”.

Another added:

“This is literally how people are forever remembered as people who died posing for Instagram,”

There are plenty more comments.

Someone added:

“Problem is a lot of young idiots will try to repeat it now.”

According to the couple’s blog, they both worked in what we can safely assume were boring corporate jobs until last year when they set off on their travels.

Starting in South America, June 2017, the couple have been sharing snaps from their journey to Instagram.

They now do a bit of freelance work and some paid social media work.

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