Influencer Climbs Pyramids Of Giza, Gets Five Nights In Jail

Some of you may be aware of the name Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

I remember his name from way back when he was making prank videos on YouTube that were a tad bit more extreme than most of the others.

Since then his status has escalated and he’s become quite the influencer with a following of over three million people on Instagram alone.

Image Credit: King Vitaly Instagram

Cast your mind back to 2019 during the Champions League Final. Remember the girl who streaked across the pitch advertising for her boyfriend’s porn company? Well Vitaly was her boyfriend and that was one of the most elaborate marketing pitches of all time. Certainly worked though.

As you can probably imagine, Vitaly is not a stranger to controversy and his latest stunt has landed him in hot water (and jail) again.

Image Credit: King Vitaly Instagram

This time Vitaly climbed the Pyramids of Giza – which I’m sure most people are aware, you absolutely cannot do.

Thankfully he filmed the entire thing and it makes a pretty fascinated video:

As he’s climbing you can see the authorities attempting to catch him by chasing him up the pyramid.

When he gets to the top he claims that a ‘helicopter’ is likely to come for him and begins heading down when he spots ‘military’.

He get’s promptly arrested.

Vitaly argues he was doing it to promote donating to the Australian fires.

Throughout the video he says:

Stop the war, help Australia. Let’s raise money. I did this for a good cause. Spread awareness by these beautiful pyramids in Egypt. Egypt, I love you, no disrespect to you.

Image Credit: King Vitaly Instagram

But he’s been heavily criticised and not only by the Egyptian authorities. Some people have accused Vitaly of exploiting the fires to gain notoriety.

One person wrote:

Why don’t you donate your money! Instead of climbing around on a ancient historical for no reason!

Image Credit: King Vitaly Instagram

Another explained:

You didn’t have to climb the Pyramid in Egypt to tell us a message about Australia.

What do you think?

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