Husband Gives Wife The Ultimate Birthday Cake In The Shape Of An Amazon Box Because She Loves Online Shopping

Personal touches on birthday cakes and personalising gifts in general is a huge thing on your special day… You want to make the birthday girl or boy feel amazing of course.. so what do you think about this cake in particular?

Emily McGuire from North Carolina celebrated her birthday in a very unique way…

Emily who is also a photographer is known to her husband as an online serial shopper.

Buying online and receiving multiple packages is her favourite thing to do!

Mac, her husband decided to get her a bespoke cake in the shape of her favourite thing: An Amazon delivery box.

Of course, delighted with the cake, Emily shared a picture of the Amazon-stamped cardboard box style cake to Facebook and people loved it.

The caption red:

“In that moment, I knew my husband ‘gets me'”.

Sweet Dreams Bakery, in the town of Dunn created this amazing cake and it’s safe to say they nailed it!

One of the bakers, Trena Norris, explained:

“It definitely has been an exciting few days since this went viral. Thank you to Mac and Emily for allowing us to make her birthday a little ‘sweeter.’ We hope to create more special cakes for them in the future.”

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