Hard Working Surgeon Completes Seven Operations Without A Break Before Sleeping On Floor

This picture of a picture of a surgeon in china has gone viral since it’s revealed he couldn’t help but fall asleep on the floor after completing a huge SEVEN operations without one single break.

The deputy director at the Orthopaedic Department of Longgang Central Hospital in Shenzhen, Dr Dai Yu, explained that he and his team had the pressure to carry out 10 operations in one single day… they started at eight in the morning and managed seven of these surgeries without a break. How crazy is that?

Dr Dai managed to take a 10-minute break when anaesthetists was being prepared for another operation at around 5pm. His only option was to sleep on the floor of the operating theatre.

As soon as the image of the sleeping dr was uploaded to the internet, people shared it commenting how ‘moving’ the picture was and hailed Dr Dai a ‘hero’ for working to hard to complete the operations in the small time frame he had.

Dr Dai remained humble and put it down to just doing his job.

The tired Dr completed the rest of the procedures after his 10 minute power nap and didn’t leave the theatre until 9pm.

It’s incredible how hard Dr Dai worked and his pure dedication to his job is inspiring but it makes you think about hospital’s working practices. Is napping on the floor really good enough working conditions?

If a surgeon carrying out an operation that requires the highest amount of concentration shouldn’t their be more done to ensure they have breaks so they are strong enough to perform their tasks? Sometimes, it’s a matter of life and death.

We think you’re amazing, Dr Dai.. and every other surgeon out their who performs outstanding operations and continue’s to save people’s lives. Thank you.

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