Guy Proposes To Girlfriend By Hacking Her Favorite Disney Movie

Every year there’s a selection of proposal videos online that are adorable or extravagant and look incredibly hard to beat.

Well, one guy has just raised the bar incredibly high for 2020 after remaking his girlfriends’ favorite Disney film.

Lee Loechler from Massachusetts went above and beyond with how he decided to propose.

Lee who has been with girlfriend Sthuthi David since high school decided he wanted to make it extra special and spent six months working on the idea.

He decided to animate himself and his high school sweetheart into the most famous scene of Beauty and The Beast, where Prince Phillip wake Princess Aurora up with a kiss.

Lee worked with Australian illustrator Kayla Coombs in order to get the animation perfect.

The proposal took place at Brookline’s historic Coolidge Corner Theatre which was full of friends, family, and some kind strangers unbeknown to Sthuthi.

The animation shows Prince Phillip giving Princess Aurora a kiss before turning to the camera smiling, pulling out a box with an engagement ring in and throwing it into the audience.

The whole time Sthuthi is sat next to Lee looking very confused at the fact that the characters look very familiar.

When Prince Phillip throws the box to the audience, Lee catches it and gets down on one knee.

Despite looking confused, Sthuthi did very, fortunately, say yes.

Only afterward did she realize that she had been sat in a room with her friends and family all along.

Lee published a video of the proposal on YouTube and so far it has received 3.4 million views.

Some users have left their thoughts on the video, with one saying “This is going to blow up and make proposals standards deeply unfair for the rest of us. Amazing work.”

Whilst another wrote “Glad that I just proposed to my fiancé just last week so that I don’t have to compete with this”.

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