Guy Films Himself Licking Toiletries During Coronavirus Pandemic

Remember around this time last year when a new viral challenge emerged.

It was the vile ‘challenge’ where people would open up ice cream containers in supermarkets, lick the ice cream, and place it back on the shelf – ready to buy.

Sure it was completely sickening, but hey, at least we weren’t in a global pandemic back then.

Now, one guy is taking it one step further and this is seriously messed up – and incredibly dangerous.

This is the story of a Missouri man who recently filmed himself licking numerous items in a supermarket, spreading his germs with anyone unfortunate enough to purchase said products.

The man captioned his sick video: “I’m a nasty motherf***er.”

People immediately lost their minds at his antics, saying he deserves a mob beating or jail time.

One person commented:

Idiot, deserves what he gets, he could also be a carrier, in which case that is attempted murder if a older person was to handle and subsequently contract.

Image Credit: YouTube

And then… he was arrested. After tip-offs came in from around the world the man was identified and taken into custody.

Why would you do this? Now is seriously not the time to try and go viral for something like this.

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